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A generic-purpose visual codeless programming system with built in support for web development and web application
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2 September 2014

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This is a visual programming environment.

Limnor Studio is a general-purpose visual programming system. It helps developers create projects codelessly by simply defining the structures visually. This offers an integrated development environment for rapid development. Developers only need to construct objects and do event-linking. Event-linking is created via the Event-Path visual language. Function development is done via control-flow visual language. Whether it is a standalone software or a web based one, the approach to development is the same. Web applications are developed as if it is a standalone application without the client-server boundary. This tool also helps develop cloud based application with equal ease. The development environment has features that make development of Windows form applications, DLLs, kiosk and services development. Console applications, Windows installers and screensaver applications can be built with equal ease. Development of remote services, web services and related ASPX web sites and applications as well as PHP web sites and applications can be built with equal ease.

Based on the visual structures you develop, code is generated in EXE, DLL, MSI, SCR, ASPX, PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS. The visual representations are translated into XML based descriptions. A compiler uses these XML files to generate C# code. The tool will develop C# source files, resource files and Visual Studio project files are also generated for you when the development environment is in .NET framework. Action diagrams help represent complex programming logic clearly. Math expressions can be edited and variable mapped to programming entities. This should be easy to use for the programmer/developer types. This is a very good product and should help boost programming productivity.

Publisher's description

A visual codeless programming system with built in support for web development and web application, databases, 2D drawings, web services, kiosk, ActiveX, etc. All kinds of software can be developed without learning and using textural computer languages. Visual representations of programming are saved in XML files. The compiler compiles the XML files and generates web files and C# source code, depending on project types. It uses .Net types as its programming entities and thus works with all other .Net programming languages seamlessly. An IDE system is created to host visual programming designers which visualize the programming in different ways. Form-designer visualizes the graphic user interface design for web page or Windows form. Object-Explorer visualizes hierarchical relationship between all programming enitties. Event-Path visualizes the relationships between events and actions. Other types of designers can be plugged into the IDE. Complex programming logic can be visualized via action diagram. Math expressions are created and edited in original graphic math format. Variables in a math expression can be mapped to programming entities. As a web development software, it is the first fully automated cloud computing system in the world. It makes web development no difference than standalone application development, by removing client server programming boundary. Developers do not need to distinguish between client programming and server programming, and do not need to program client/server connections, data exchanges and interactions. The Limnor Studio compiler automatically generates all client/server related coding. The visual programming is compiled into client files (HTML, CSS, JS) and server files, the server files can be PHP files or ASPX/DLL files depending on user choice. For a PHP web project it generates web files not relying on Windows.
Limnor Studio
Limnor Studio
Version 5.6.1
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